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Sims 3 Mod: Leave That Darn Rocking Chair Alone!!

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Hi everyone! I’m back with another simple mod. I love the rocking chairs in The Sims 3, they are so cute! Well, until you go into Live Mode and Sims are suddenly dropping everything to use it ALL. THE. DARN. TIME! I’ve fixed it! Sims won’t use it by themselves now, but you can make them use it if you wish.


Sims 3 Mod: Dining Overhaul!

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Hello everyone!!

I’ve been tinkering away some more at the eating mechanics of Sims and picked a few little details I spotted after I made my previous More Realistic Dining mod. The changes aren’t anything drastic, I’ve combined those two files into a single file with another two mods that alter hunger.

Here is a breakdown of what the mod is doing. The first two are untouched from my previous version. I’ve just simply combined it with another two mods to do with eating.

Meals will give 100 points (EA Default 200)
Snacks will give 50 points (EA Default 122)
Drinks will give 25 points (EA Default 122)

10 dishes made per serving instead of the default 8.
Sims will take 30 bites of food before it has gone instead of the default 15.
Sims will sit and talk for up to 60 in-game minutes after eating (if sitting with others) instead of the default 40 mintues.

When Sims lick clean their plate they will now only get 10 hunger points and not 200 (which fills the bar). It still advertises to Slob and Werewolf Sims that licking clean the plate will give them a full hunger bar though so they still act as they should. They just won’t get the full satisfaction from it.

If you have installed my previous More Realistic Dining mod and wish to use this one, delete the two files created in by that mod and plop this one down.

A Wee Note About My Creations!

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Hi everybody!! I get a lot of people asking me if I would be happy for them to use something I’ve made for their channels and stuff. Anything that I put out, whether it be creations from My Studio or the Mods that I’ve started to make are there for everyone to use and enjoy. I’m happy for people to make videos of my stuff, use the stuff in their own games or however they want to use them.

They’re there for everyone to enjoy and that’s what matters most to me is that you all enjoy them. All that I ask is that you don’t claim the content as your own or upload them elsewhere (especially pay sites! That’s a big no from me!). Other than that, go nuts! Have fun with it! 😀

Sims 3 Mod: More Expensive Repair Technician

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Hey guys! I’m back with another mod! This one is for the Repair Technician that you can hire over the phone to repair broken things in your Sims house. I was playing the game (when don’t I?!) and my Sim broke the toilet during his morning poop. It usually costs $50 to call a Repair Technician which is nothing.

I changed it so that it is much more expensive to hire the Repair Technician because it feels a bit too cheaty to just phone the technician and not develop your Sims’ Handiness Skill. This should now add a bit of an extra incentive to develop your skills now 😀
 photo bandicam2014-08-0301-12-10-746_zps1e61c397.jpg
Changes made:
Repair Technician now costs $500 to call out instead of $50.



Sims 3 Mod: More Expensive Tickets

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Hello everyone! I’m back with another mod! This one is to make the tickets purchased from the Barrier to Entry System more expensive for Sims to purchase. You WILL need that item for this mod to work.

In my game I like to have different items or areas broken up by the colour of the ticket but thought that $10 to use these areas was far too cheap. I will often use this in gyms and art galleries or to create a more ‘exclusive’ area within community lots. The price of the ticket should reflect these areas. So, here are the changed values!

Blue Ticket: $150
Red Ticket: $100
Green Ticket: $50
Yellow Ticket: $20

I also reduced the length of time that a ticket is active for to 12 in-game hours.


Sims 3 Mod: More Skaters!

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Hello everyone! When I first made my More Realistic Dining mod I became curious to see what else I could do. I was sat playing with a Sim and he was at the Winter Festival and I wanted him to go skating. The only problem was the rink was full. So I looked around the files to see if I could change things and I could! These changes should effect both the Roller Blading and Ice Skating rink 🙂

Here are the changes that I made to the rinks:

Small Rinks
Up to 8 Sims can skate at once.

Large Rinks
12 Sims can skate on the outer circle
6 Sims can skate on the inner circle.

The Zip file has two files in it, one for the large and one for the small rinks. Just plop them both into your Mods>Packages folder and that’s you. Enjoy 😀



Sims 3 Mod: Longer Lasting & More Expensive Pet Food

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While playing tonight with one of my new families I realised that the pet food doesn’t last long. You have to fill it several times a day! This annoyed me. So I changed it!

I have doubled the amount of food that is available for pets to eat from the bowls. Now, those that know me will know that I don’t like things to be too easy when it comes to my Sims and their money, so I also doubled the cost to fill it. It will now cost $20 to fill the bowl.


Sims 3 Mod: More Realistic Dining!

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Hello everyone! After going back to play on The Sims 2 for a while I realised that I prefer the way that Sims eat in that game. Full meals wouldn’t completely satisfy hunger and it took a while for them to eat and they would chat. I missed this and decided to see if I could make this happen in The Sims 3. So, here we have my first two ever mods! The reason I wanted to make this mod was because I wanted Sims to be able to eat a main meal and have a dessert after it too.

There are two files contained within this mod and each one changes the way that Sims eat. It is perfectly fine to have one or both in your game at the same time. I’ll discuss what each file does below.

Meals will give 100 points (1/2 Hunger Bar)
Snacks will give 50 points (1/4 Hunger Bar)
Drinks will give 25 points (1/8 Hunger Bar)

10 dishes made per serving instead of the default 8.
Sims will take 30 bites of food before it has gone instead of the default 15.
Sims will sit and talk for up to 60 in-game minutes

Both of these files combined will hopefully allow your Sims to have a better dining experience. I enjoy having my Sims sit down as a family and eat, so when one Sim has already sat down to eat, they won’t be finished by the time everyone else comes along and joins him. These values also work with the food introduced to the game through The Sims 3 Store! So feel free to have your Sims bake a pie for after dinner with the Baking Station.

There shouldn’t be any issues with this mod, but I wouldn’t recommend you use it with another mod that alters the same things (although I’ve not seen this mod before which is why I made it).

This mod shouldn’t require any expansion packs or stuff packs and it was created with game version 1.63.

My really good friend Jae made a review of this mod if you are wanting to see it in action 😀