Hi guys!

Wee Albet here, but feel free to call me Peter if you like (just never call me “Pete”)! Allow me to introduce myself to you all. I am a Simmer, but also a full time student where I am in my final year of studying Forensic Anthropology (think of the TV show Bones and you’ve almost got it!).

I make YouTube videos for fun too. It’s all pretty much The Sims related and I like that. The Sims is a series I will forever hold dear to my heart so sharing my game with everyone is an amazing feeling.

I love The Sims 3 Store (we are a rare bunch!) so I do video reviews on my YouTube channel for them. I’m also a Let’s Player and Builder as well as making the occasional tutorial.

I’ve recently started to make mods for The Sims 3. They aren’t anything huge or crazy, but more like tweaks for the game to make it more to my liking a play style. You’ll be able to find them here! 😀

System Specs:

Operating System – Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Processor – Intel Core i7-3620QM CPU @2.30GHz (8CPUs), ~ 2.3GHz

RAM – 16GB

Graphics Card – Nvidia Geforce GT 630M – 2GB


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Weealbet

Email: contactweealbet@gmail.com

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