Sims 3 Mod: Dining Overhaul!

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Hello everyone!!

I’ve been tinkering away some more at the eating mechanics of Sims and picked a few little details I spotted after I made my previous More Realistic Dining mod. The changes aren’t anything drastic, I’ve combined those two files into a single file with another two mods that alter hunger.

Here is a breakdown of what the mod is doing. The first two are untouched from my previous version. I’ve just simply combined it with another two mods to do with eating.

Meals will give 100 points (EA Default 200)
Snacks will give 50 points (EA Default 122)
Drinks will give 25 points (EA Default 122)

10 dishes made per serving instead of the default 8.
Sims will take 30 bites of food before it has gone instead of the default 15.
Sims will sit and talk for up to 60 in-game minutes after eating (if sitting with others) instead of the default 40 mintues.

When Sims lick clean their plate they will now only get 10 hunger points and not 200 (which fills the bar). It still advertises to Slob and Werewolf Sims that licking clean the plate will give them a full hunger bar though so they still act as they should. They just won’t get the full satisfaction from it.

If you have installed my previous More Realistic Dining mod and wish to use this one, delete the two files created in by that mod and plop this one down.

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