My Game: Random Ramblings About My Home Bakery!

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Hi everyone!! Those who have read THIS POST and THIS POST will know that I’ve recently been trying to set up a successful home bakery. Well, I thought that I would give you all a bit of an update on how things are going!

Michael was successfully able to woo Hailey and she agreed to move in with him! I also decided to put her to work in his bakery. As Michael has been building up his Cooking and Gardening skills I thought it would be best to have him focus on the baking of the goods and the produce he uses to make said goods. Hailey moving in with him really allowed the bakery to grow a bit. We closed the shop for the day and had the two of them working as a team to cook a good number of dishes and restock the shelves. This has made things a lot easier on them.

With a good supply of food on hand it was time to test the shop and the set up going on. Things are going well I’m happy to say! Hailey will happily serve the customers and restock the shelves while Michael works out back to cook up dishes as customers take them off the shelves. The also make pretty good money too now. The loans of about $20,000 have been brought down to just over £11,000 and they have now purchased a SwiftGro Gardening Station to help keep maintenance of the greenhouse as low as possible.

I’m thinking that the next step for these two are to get married and have children to help out with the business. Michael is nearing Adulthood and Hailey is already there. I’d also like to further expand upon this bakery to include a bit of an eat-in restaurant with the It’s Business Time Industrial Oven to sell food that people can eat within the bakery. But that will be much further down the line I think.

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